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Since 1972, Micron Industries has diligently lived up to its reputation of Manufacturing Excellence.

We’ve combined a steadfast practice of honed craftsmanship with cutting edge technologies in a way that allows us to provide a distinctive level of service to our long-standing customer base.

A family tradition of personal attention and flexible delivery is a Micron point of pride.

A Commitment to Excellence

Nearly 50 years of craftsmanship and putting the customer first, is the heritage Stephan Schmidt began when he founded Micron Industries of Rochester in the early 1970’s. His unwavering commitment to doing the job right, every time, became the foundation of Micron’s success.

The Micron Story

A Leading Edge Manufacturing Facility

Since then, we’ve evolved from a traditional tool and die shop into a leading-edge design and manufacturing facility and we’ve done that without compromising our most important priority:  customers still know that they come first.

The precision and quality work you demand ... we deliver that.  On schedule.  On budget.

After all, it’s our heritage.

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The Micron Mission

Micron was founded on a commitment of doing the job right and on time, every time, for each customer project. This commitment continues today and serves as the foundation of our mission, vision, and quality policy.