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Stephen Schmidt

Founder, Owner (retired/part-time)    

Great guy.  Pioneer.  Gun-slinger. Customer focused.   

Stephan and his wife migrated from East Germany in 1961 before the Berlin Wall was erected. He completed his Tool & Die apprenticeship at Micro Instruments Corp during the mid 1960s, going on to become a lead foreman and a respected mentor of aspiring apprentices.  In 1972 he founded Micron Industries of Rochester, Inc. and the Micron reputation of always putting the customers’ needs ahead of everything else was immediately established. 

Kirk Schmidt


Kirk learned the family business during his high school summers and college breaks.  In 1988 he graduated from Clarkson University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and joined Micron Industries full-time.  Kirk's expertise in cutting edge 3-axis CAD-CAM design helped Micron take another leap forward ... extending beyond building quality molds and parts to designing them from the ground up.  Today, in the Micron spirit of manufacturing excellence, Kirk is constantly on the lookout for innovative technology solutions that will help take the company to even greater levels of performance.

Eric Schmidt

Vice President

Eric joined Micron Industries in 2001, with an MS in Manufacturing Engineering from Stanford University. More importantly, he brought 6 years of seasoned experience both as a trouble-shooting engineer and a manufacturing manager at Delphi Automotive.  Those years were spent listening to customers, analyzing their needs, and providing real solutions.  In other words, Eric understands what it means to be the customer and he's stood in the customer's shoes. As Micron's current front-line Ambassador, he serves as primary liaison between customer and company, ensuring every problem is resolved and that critical needs are met.  Micron's dedication to customer focus and attention has never been stronger.