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Micron provides comprehensive design services for your critical go-to-market tooling demands. Experience the collaborative design excellence that consistently delivers long-term operational value to our clients.

* Non aerospace product only

Flexible, Reliable, Smart & Experienced

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Design for Manufacturability

We know how to solve for complex product manufacturing needs.

Experts at collaborating with product development teams, tooling engineers, and sales engineers to extend designs in process and/or design concepts.

We bring a distinct focus on driving overall cost effectiveness.

Design for Assembly

We’re the pros at finding optimal product component assemblies.

Our staff is highly experienced to deliver within your process capabilities and tolerances.

A mindset of simplicity driving overall cost effectiveness.

Micron Technology

We have extensive experience and expert capabilities in advanced CAD/CAM tools and processes.

Advanced SolidWorks modeling is a foundation of our Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) core capability. We are adept at working with all major CAD file formats.

Leaders in Design and Engineering for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) for over 2 decades.

Our driving principals:

  • Rise to the challenge. Think out of the box... and then out of that box.
  • Be cost minded... for our client’s long-term benefit.
  • Pay attention to every detail... be downright fussy.
  • Every design job is the most important job. Every time.

Micron Delivers

Customer Focus and Meticulous Attention on every job ... that’s our HERITAGE and our PROMISE.

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