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The Micron Story

Corporate Timeline –The Micron Story


Micron Industries is established as a traditional tool and die shop in a converted garage rental in downtown Rochester NY.  Modest beginnings indeed.

Micron's early Customer Focus:
Rochester Products (Automotive)
Eastman Kodak Company (Manufacturing)


We quickly outgrew our shop and needed an expansion!  Micron builds a 5000 square ft manufacturing facility in Gates, NY.  A big win for us ... and our customers.

Another early Micron Customer Focus:
Hydroacoustics Inc (HAI).  Delivering sonar based components for military applications.

Micron expands its market reach by producing molds for the Food Packaging industry.  In the process we establish ourselves as regional experts in Thermoforming technology.  Our reputation grows ...

And our Founding Owner is hands-on the shop floor.
Just the way he likes it.

Customer Focus and Attention ... the Micron approach.


Micron expands its technology even further as a true pioneer of CNC programming and operations.

Gun-drilling capabilities are added as a core expertise too. We must continue to invest in ourselves.

And again we need more space to accommodate growth! Micron expands its facilities by almost 50%.

Kirk Schmidt joins the family business.

The Micron legacy has taken shape.

Customer Focus and Attention ... the Micron reputation.


New decade?  More growth!  Micron adds Mold Design and Plastic Joining technologies to our ever increasing list of core competencies.  Another win for our customers.

We build out another 5100 square feet in our manufacturing facilities to support increasing customer demand.

Micron is now firmly established as 1 of only 3 primary suppliers to the giant Mobil Chemical Co.

Meanwhile our Plastic Joining and Tooling capability fuels further growth as an Automotive industry partner.

Customer Focus and Attention ... the Micron tradition.


Eric Schmidt brings his manufacturing engineering experience to the family business.

The Micron heritage is now in place.

Micron marks the turn of the century by launching a new website and unveiling an updated corporate logo.

Additionally a modern ERP system is fully implemented for the company.

Customer Focus and Attention ... the Micron trademark.


Micron capabilities continue to expand with new equipment technology and key shop-floor optimization.  The company now offers small run production service, an important growth initiative.

Micron is a supplier to key customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Transportation industries.

AS9100D Aerospace certification is obtained and Micron Industries becomes an ITAR registered supplier.

Customer Focus and Attention ... the Micron legacy.


A fully redesigned and modern corporate website is launched.

Micron Industries of Rochester is positioned for another decade of progressive growth and Manufacturing Excellence!

Customer Focus and Attention ... the Micron heritage.